Hello Kitty Cupcake Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I had a left over cupcake from some of my christmas orders so I decided to make my niece a Hello Kitty cupcake. I thought I would share a picture and some instructions on how I made it.

Hello Kitty


Here’s how I made this cupcake:

I printed out an image of Hello Kitty and enlarged it to fit the size of the cupcake. Because the shape of the face isn’t round I covered the cupcake first in a contrasting colour (I used AmeriColor Electric Pink). ¬†Next I cut out the face template and placed it over some rolled out white fondant. I cut out the face with a sharp knife and then used my fingers to smooth any rough edges. I used a small amount of water on a paint brush to stick the face to the cupcake.

Once I had used the face template I cut out the bow as a template and placed that over some rolled out red fondant and cut around the shape. I used some water to stick the red bow to the face. I then used two small flattened balls and one larger flattened ball to finish the bow and stuck them in position.

I then placed the template back over the face and used a pin to mark the position of the eyes and nose. Using a small ball tool I made an oval indentation for each eye. I shaped two small pieces of black fondant for the eyes and stuck them into the indentations with a little water. I then brushed the eyes with piping gel to make them shiny.

Using a little yellow fondant (I used AmeriColor Lemon Yellow) I rolled a small ball of fondant and shaped into an oval, slightly flattening, and stuck it into position. I then used an edible black marker to draw on the whiskers.

I hope you enjoyed these instructions on how to make a Hello Kitty Cupcake and look out soon for my snowman cupcake tutorials.


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